lose sleep over

Idiom(s): lose sleep (over sb or sth)Theme: WORRYto worry about someone or something.• I keep losing sleep over my son, who is in the army.• bởi vì you thảm bại sleep over your investments?• No, I don"t đại bại sleep, and I never worry.

sleep over

stay somewhere for the night (informal)"You should sleep over tonight if the weather is too bad to lớn drive home."

sleep over

1. Verb to lớn sleep in another person"s trang chủ as their guest. My son is sleeping over at his friend"s house tonight. It"s getting late, so why don"t you both sleep over in our spare room?2. Verb By extension, to spend the night in someone"s bed, with the implication of having sex with them. Are you sure you"re ready for him to lớn sleep over? You"ve only been going out for a couple weeks. Even when I was in my mid-20s, my parents still didn"t allow my girlfriend to lớn sleep over.3. Noun A gathering in which one or multiple people (typically children) sleep in another person"s home as guests. As a noun, the phrase is usually spelled as one word. Julie is just nervous because it"s her first sleepover, but she brought her special teddy bear khổng lồ help her feel comfortable.Learn more: over, sleep

sleep over (with someone) (some place)

to spend the night sleeping at someone else"s home. (Typically said by teenagers or younger children who spend the night with a friend.) Mom, can I sleep over with Tony? Can I sleep over at Tony"s house?Learn more: over, sleep

sleep over

Spend the night as a guest in another"s home, as in Karen"s friend Wilma is going khổng lồ sleep over tonight. Learn more: over, sleep

sleep over


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To spend the night as a guest in another"s home: A friend from out of town slept over last night. You can sleep over on the couch if you"re too tired to lớn drive home.Learn more: over, sleepLearn more:
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