Ultimate Guide to Top 5 Concealed Carry Vests: In-Depth Reviews

Discover the best concealed carry vests on the market, each designed to suit different needs from everyday carry to specific outdoor activities. These reviews delve into the various features, benefits, and user feedback of five popular concealed carry vests, helping you make the best choice for your lifestyle.

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Venado Concealed Carry Vest for Men

Product Overview

The Venado Concealed Carry Vest for Men is crafted from heavy-duty canvas, renowned for its durability and robustness, much like products from high-quality outdoor brands such as Carhartt . This vest is built to withstand harsh conditions while facilitating easy and discreet carry of personal protection firearms. It includes specialized conceal carry pockets which are a major draw for those looking to inconspicuously carry firearms.

Key Features and Benefits

Comfort and Fit

Users have consistently highlighted the comfort and fit of this vest. Its quilted lining adds a layer of warmth, making it ideal for colder environments . Designed to fit true to size, the vest allows enough space for heavy winter clothing underneath without compromising its form-fitting appearance – a crucial aspect for a concealed carry garment .

Discrete Firearm Carry

Perhaps the most significant feature of this vest is its concealed carry pockets that accommodate various firearm sizes. These pockets are strategically located to prevent printing, even with a full-size Sig 220 or Sig 226 . This thoughtful design ensures that firearms remain well-concealed, regardless of the user’s movement or positioning.


Made of heavy-duty canvas, the vest promises high durability. It is suitable for frequent outdoor use, be it mountain biking or field work during winter, without showing signs of wear and tear commonly associated with frequent use .

Versatility of Use

In addition to its primary function of firearm carriage, the vest also features ample pocket space for daily essentials. These include deep hand snap pockets and larger chest pockets that can comfortably fit items like large smartphones .

User Experiences

The vest has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from users. Many appreciate its ability to carry compact and micro-sized pistols and revolvers comfortably. One user noted, “Even with compact pistols with a laser attached, it is comfortable and does not imprint” .

Several reviews have highlighted the superior construction of the vest, comparing it favorably to high-quality garments known for their ruggedness. The heavy canvas material combined with a solid zipper makes it a reliable choice for various activities .

Advantages Over Competitors

Compared to other vests in the market, the Venado vest offers:

  • Enhanced durability due to its heavy-duty canvas material.
  • Better firearm concealment to avoid any visible printing.
  • Higher warmth and comfort, making it suitable for cold weathers.
  • Versatility with additional pockets for everyday use.
  • Potential Drawbacks

While the vest scores high on many fronts, some users have suggested minor improvements:

The internal pockets could be upgraded to include zip closures for increased security. A few users mentioned that the price point might be slightly on the higher side, reflecting the quality but potentially limiting the customer base.


The Venado Concealed Carry Vest for Men offers a blend of functionality, comfort, and durability that sets it apart in the concealed carry market. It is an excellent choice for anyone in need of a high-quality vest that provides both firearm storage and general utility. Whether it’s for everyday carry or specific outdoor activities, this vest stands as a robust, comfortable, and practical garment that merits serious consideration.

If you are looking for a conceal carry vest that combines practicality with endurance, the Venado might just be the perfect fit for your needs. Given its design attributes and positive consumer feedback, it’s a purchase that represents both reliability and style.

Legendary Whitetails Men’s Concealed Carry Outerwear Vest


When it comes to selecting the right concealed carry vest, the balance between functionality, comfort, and style is paramount. The Legendary Whitetails Men’s Concealed Carry Outerwear Vest, known for its robust construction and innovative features, stands out in the market. This detailed review will delve into the features, user experiences, and overall value of this vest, helping potential buyers make an informed decision based on comprehensive insights from actual users.

Product Overview

The Legendary Whitetails Concealed Carry Vest is designed with outdoor enthusiasts and everyday carriers in mind. Constructed from heavy-duty canvas, it provides durability and a classic rugged look synonymous with outdoor wear. It features a significantly insulated design, making it suitable for colder climates while still accommodating the essential needs of concealed carry.

Key Features and Advantages

Comfort and Fit

Users often highlight the vest’s comfort and how well it fits, even when layered over winter apparel[1]. Its quilted interior not only adds an extra layer of warmth but also enhances the overall comfort, allowing for extended wear during outdoor activities or everyday routines .

Concealment Efficiency

A standout feature of this vest is its dual holster capabilities, designed for both left and right-hand carriers. The holsters are customizable with Velcro adjustments, providing a secure and personalized fit for various firearm sizes, from subcompacts to full-sized pistols, ensuring that they remain securely in place throughout the day.


Crafted from canvas Cross Trail fabric, the vest showcases a high level of durability that withstands frequent use in various conditions, living up to the outdoor legacy of the Legendary Whitetails brand[3]. The material holds up well against the elements, providing a dependable option for those who need a reliable outdoor vest with concealed carry capabilities.

User Feedback and Experience

Positive Reviews

Many reviewers praise the vest for its excellent build quality and the ability to adjust the holster positions, which enhances comfort and accessibility. It is described as an essential tool for anyone who wants to combine the practicality of an outdoor vest with the necessities of concealed carry, without sacrificing style or comfort.


However, some users noted that while the vest is generally warm and versatile, it can be slightly bulky, which might be a downside for users looking for a more lightweight option. Additionally, earlier versions of the vest had issues with the Velcro linings being noisy, but this has been addressed in recent models.

Comparison with Competitors

The Legendary Whitetails vest stands up well against other concealed carry vests in the market:

  • Durability: It outmatches many competitors with its robust canvas material.
  • Customizability: Few vests offer the same level of holster adjustability and comfort.
  • Thermal Insulation: It is more insulated than many other vests, suitable for colder weather.


The Legendary Whitetails Men’s Concealed Carry Outerwear Vest is a top contender for those who require a durable, comfortable, and functional concealed carry garment. The vest’s ability to be customized to fit various firearm sizes and its insulated design makes it an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts and those living in colder climates. Despite its slightly bulkier design and past issues with noisy linings, the vest’s recent improvements and enduring features present it as a worthwhile investment for both style-conscious and practical users looking to enhance their outdoor gear and safety measures.

With glowing recommendations from many users, this vest is not merely a piece of clothing but a reliable tool for the concealed carrier who demands the best in terms of security, convenience, and durability.

HQ ISSUE Concealed Carry Vest for Men

Product Overview

The HQ ISSUE Concealed Carry Vest is tailored for functionality and comfort. It features numerous pockets tailored to the needs of individuals regularly carrying concealed firearms or requiring additional utility space for accessories and tools.

Key Features and User Appreciation

Storage and Concealment

The vest includes a Velcro-sealed pocket on the left side at chest height, designed with a stout elastic strap for easy and secure weapon anchorage, allowing a quick draw. Furthermore, this product features additional magazine pockets internally at waist height to carry essential ammo, each side houses three magazine pockets, totaling six, providing ample room for necessary equipment.

Utility and Versatility

Beyond its capacity for concealed carry, the vest boasts other significant characteristics. It’s equipped with numerous pockets, both Velcro and zippered, making this vest ideal for sportsmen, handymen, or anyone needing additional pocket space. These features make the vest not just a concealed carry garment but an everyday utility vest suitable for various activities.

Comfort and Fit

Users of this vest frequently compliment its substantial structure which, coupled with a long-sleeve flannel shirt, can comfortably double as a jacket good down to 40°F (approximately 4°C), proving the vest’s utility in cooler weather too[3]. While some have noted that it’s a bit heavy when fully loaded, the widespread appreciation for its solid construction and fit, which allows for easy layering, overshadows this concern.

User Feedback

Feedback from users suggests that this vest is highly regarded for its quality construction and practical design.

Positive Aspects

Many have pointed out that the vest is well made, fits as expected, and is great value for the price. The ample storage and versatility of pocket sizes have received specific praise. The shoulder fit and internal layout are said to support a mid-sized handgun like the Glock 19 comfortably.

Points of Critiques

Some criticisms include the vest being somewhat large, thus customers are advised to consider sizing carefully before purchase. Additionally, a few reviewers mentioned that the holsters could be improved upon for higher security and faster accessibility


The HQ ISSUE Concealed Carry Vest for Men emerges as an excellent choice for anyone looking for a multi-functional vest that doesn’t just serve as a concealed carry garment but can cater to various utility needs. It combines robust construction with practical design, ensuring a significant return on investment for those who choose to purchase it. Whether for daily wear, outdoor activities, or special utility needs, this vest promises to meet a range of expectations, making it a valued piece in the wardrobe of any practical outdoorsman or concealed carry individual.

In sum, if you are in the market for a concealed carry vest that offers extensive utility beyond merely carrying a weapon, the HQ ISSUE Concealed Carry Vest merits strong consideration. Its thoughtful design, coupled with user-friendly features and durable build, ranks it highly among the best in its class.


Product Overview

The 3S Motorcycle Biker MC Vest targets motorcycle enthusiasts looking for high-quality leather gear that supports concealed carry. Its key selling points include its robust construction, several pockets for practical utility, and features conducive to firearm carry while riding.

Key Features and Advantages

High-Quality Leather Construction

Crafted from leather, this vest promises durability and a classic biker look. It’s designed to endure the road’s rigors and age gracefully while providing the necessary ruggedness that bikers expect from their gear.

Practical Pocket Design

One of the standout features is its ample pocket space, including a Velcro gun holster and multiple pockets for accessories. This makes the vest not just suitable for carrying firearms but also for storing everyday items like phones, wallets, or toolkits efficiently.

Customizable Fit

The vest is equipped with a lace-up design, allowing for a degree of adjustability. This feature is essential for bikers as it offers flexibility to modify the fit based on underlying layers or personal comfort preferences.

User Feedback and Experience

Reactions to the 3S Motorcycle Vest have been largely positive, though they come with noteworthy criticisms that potential buyers should consider.

Positive Reviews

Users have praised the vest for its excellent construction and practical design. The quality of the leather and the usefulness of the pockets have been particularly highlighted. Additionally, the ability to adjust the vest for optimal fit has received positive remarks from several users.

Critical Points

However, sizing issues seem to be a recurring theme. Several reviews have indicated that the vest runs small, and buyers frequently advised to order one to two sizes larger than normal. Moreover, while the quality of the leather is generally celebrated, some users have noted problems with the vest’s snaps and zippers, pointing out they can break easily or do not function as expected.


The 3S Motorcycle Biker MC Conceal Carry Leather Vest offers a solid choice for motorcycle riders looking for a stylish and functional vest, capable of accommodating concealed carry needs. With its high-quality leather, customizable fit, and sufficient storage capacity, it accommodates the essentials for a ride. Nonetheless, potential buyers should heed the fitting issues mentioned in user reviews and consider opting for a larger size to ensure a comfortable fit.

In sum, if you are searching for a motorcycle vest that combines style, durability, and functional design, the 3S Motorcycle Vest merits consideration. Its robust leather build and adaptable features provide both aesthetic appeal and practical utility on the road.

Rothco Conceal-Ops Plainclothes Vest

Product Overview

The Rothco Conceal-Ops Vest is marketed as the ultimate utility garment for those needing an everyday carry solution that doesn’t compromise on accessibility or discretion. The vest is particularly noted for its ample storage capacity, with specialized pockets for concealed carry and various everyday items.

Key Features and Advantages

Extensive Pocket Array

The Rothco vest is designed with numerous pockets, including a large concealed carry (CC) pocket on each side and two magazine holders on each side, ensuring ample space for firearms such as a Glock 19 and necessary ammunition. This extensive array of pockets is beneficial not only for concealed carry purposes but also for general utility, making it a versatile option for various activities and needs.

Comfort and Adjustment

The vest is lightweight and includes a pleated mesh back, which enhances breathability and comfort, especially in warmer weather. The adjustable sizing, with a noted recommendation to size down for a more accurate fit, ensures that users can wear the vest comfortably over different layers of clothing.

Durability and Construction

Constructed for durability, the Rothco vest can serve as a reliable piece of everyday wear. Users have noted its solid build and the practical layout, which allows for easy access and storage of essential items while maintaining a low profile in terms of visible weapon printing.

User Feedback and Experience

Positive Reviews

Many users have praised the vest for its practical design and the convenience of the many pockets. Comments highlight the utility of the vest in various scenarios from casual outings to more demanding activities like hiking and traveling.

Considerations and Critiques

While the vest is generally well-received, some users have pointed out that despite its non-printing design, it might still hint at being a conceal carry vest to the discerning eye. Other minor critiques involve the inner pocket design, where users have modified the Velcro for enhanced security.

Comparison with Other Market Options

The Rothco Conceal-Ops Vest stands out with its balance of a lightweight design, extensive pocket storage, and comfortable wearability, surpassing many competitors, especially in its price range.


The Rothco Conceal-Ops Plainclothes Vest represents a sound investment for those looking for an everyday carry vest with robust utility and discrete carry capability. With its thoughtful design focusing on accessibility and comfort, combined with a sturdy construction, it caters effectively to both casual wearers and tactical enthusiasts. Whether for daily use or specialized activities, this vest offers functionality and style without drawing undue attention. For those who value practicality and efficiency in their carry gear, the Rothco Vest is highly recommended.

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